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Web Development

We Create Stunning Websites At Most Affordable Prices

Just Pay Rs 389/month* for an awesome Responsive Website which look Great on Laptop, Tablets & Smartphones.

Identity Branding

We work with our clients to undertake intensive diagnostics on brand issues to create brand strategy from the bottom up – to craft vision, mission, values, culture and personality and the outward brand manifestation system.

Indiarocks Works builds brands rooted in culture..

  • Digital Branding

    Irrespective of the brand’s technology each and every brand needs a right marketing strategy. This is ideal for businesses which try to create a brand like portals, web based solutions etc.

  • Mobile IOS App Development

    Our team of experts make it easy for a client to get his app reach every noob with all comforts required. Also these varied application strategies makes it to get the best-in-class of a product which undoubtedly help your app to surpass the other competitors.

  • Cloud Services

    Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing resources over the Internet. Instead of keeping data on your own hard drive or updating applications for your needs, you use a service over the Internet, at another location, to store your information or use its applications.

  • Web & Graphic Design

    If the website is the only platform for your business sales and it plays a significant role to improve the corporate brand, the websites functionality is very crucial as it brings credibility to your company.

  • E Commerce Solutions

    In this process our programmers create intuitively laid out, visually appealing, cross browser compatible, fast downloading and well branded websites. This ensures that your desired image is portrayed effectively while ensuring the easy access of the websites irrespective of the user.

  • Content Management System

    In this fast-moving economy, it is important to adapt and enhance your business at a moment's notice and at your convenience. There are a number of feature-rich, time-tested applications which can allow you to add, modify or remove pages within your website easily with no programming knowledge required

Awesome Clients

See what nice things our clients said about us.

''Good Service, Delivered on time. Happy with my site, Pricing is good as per the market trend. I will suggest them. ''

- Jamie Richardson,Founder of cocoa Media

'' They have a very large portfolio, but they need to add some big clients to their kitty to get more customers. Thanks for the lovely website, I wish you all the best. ''

- Bart Thompson,Founder Rainel

Amezing Team

These wonderful people make work enjoyable.

Kimberly Thompson


Rico Massimo


Uku Mason

Graphic Designer