BBC-Learning-English-Video-Words-in-the-News-Alternative-Miss-World-22-October-2014  Bbclearningenglish | 10/2014 
BBC Learning English: Video Words in the News: Alternative Miss World (22 October 2014)
Watch our weekly news video. This week's video is: Alternative Miss World: A beauty competition with a difference. Watch the video and learn new words.
ScotlandIS-BBC-Reporting-Scotland-Career-Opportunities-in-Di   | 10/2014 
ScotlandIS BBC Reporting Scotland Career Opportunities in Di
BBC TV News Programme Reporting Scotland interviews Kotikan, Edinburgh University and Polly Purvis of ScotlandIS about the career opportunities available ...
BBC-News-Loyd-Grossman-Cut-20-VAT-on-older-building-repairs   | 10/2014 
BBC News - Loyd Grossman; Cut 20% VAT on older building repairs
BBC News Loyd Grossman Cut 20% VAT on older building repairs.
Lucky-escape-Young-girl-avoids-falling-glass-facade-in-Donetsk-BBC-NEws  Bbcnews | 10/2014 
Lucky escape: Young girl avoids falling glass facade in Donetsk - BBC NEws
A young girl has had a lucky escape after part of the glass facade of a stadium in Donetsk crashed to the ground, narrowly missing her. CCTV shows part of the ...

Fishing-for-Red-Bellied-Piranha-Ultimate-Killers-BBC  BBCEarth | 10/2014 
Fishing for Red Bellied Piranha - Ultimate Killers - BBC
Steve sets off a feeding frenzy when he goes fishing for Red Bellied Piranha. Subscribe to BBC Earth: ...
John-Simpson-on-tough-women-at-the-grotesquely-managed-BBC   | 10/2014 
John Simpson on 'tough women' at the 'grotesquely managed' BBC
The BBC's world affairs editor, John Simpson, has criticised the "tough women" running the corporation, also claiming that it is now a "ghastly outfit" and ...
BBC-appoints-Fran-Unsworth-as-World-Service-Group-director   | 10/2014 
BBC appoints Fran Unsworth as World Service Group director
BBC director of news Fran Unsworth has been appointed director of the BBC World Service Group. Unsworth is the first female director in the 82-year history of ...
BBC-funding-would-be-up-for-debate-after-Tory-election-win-says-Javid   | 10/2014 
BBC funding would be up for debate after Tory election win, says Javid
The culture secretary has warned that the entire system of funding the BBC would be up for debate if the Conservatives win the next election. In comments that ...
BBC-News-Midterm-Elections-Battle-In-Louisiana   | 10/2014 
BBC News. Midterm Elections Battle In Louisiana
Midterm elections battle in Louisiana. With the US Midterm elections exactly two weeks away, political candidates are in the final stretch of their campaigns.
BBC-News-Islamic-State-Video-shows-Militants-With-US-Weapons   | 10/2014 
BBC News. Islamic State Video 'shows Militants With US Weapons'
Islamic State: Video 'shows militants with US weapons'. The US defence department has said it is examining an Islamic State video appearing to show militants ...
BBC-News-UK-storm-Planes-wobble-as-they-land-at-Manchester-Airport   | 10/2014 
BBC News UK storm Planes wobble as they land at Manchester Airport
UK storm: Planes wobble as they land at Manchester Airport Strong winds have buffeted the UK as the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo hit on Tuesday. Planes ...
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